Sweet Zucchini Pancakes

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Excellent Early Morning. I have a problem with pancakes: I enjoy to consume them.

What’s much better, or even worse, is that I enjoy to consume them in stacks of 4, glazed with melted butter and swimming in maple syrup.

And 1,000 calories later on, I’m feeling actually great in a bad type of method.

Stack of zucchini pancakes with butter and maple syrup with a fork.

Since of my severe love for pancakes, particularly the additional sweet and high-calorie range (believe chocolate chip and peanut butter), I just recently went through a quick pancake withdrawal. I stopped making pancakes since there was a high likelihood/certainty that I would consume myself into a pancake coma.

And all of us understand what takes place when you enter into a pancake coma. Or a minimum of I do.

However as you can see, times have actually altered. I have a brand-new pancake technique that enables me to take pleasure in pancakes, and still have space for lunch and supper. And my slim denims.

The really tricky technique: smother my pancake with (a sensible quantity of) home cheese and fresh berries. A drizzle of honey makes it formally the very best method to take pleasure in pancakes without all the calories. And I do not seem like I cheated myself by just consuming one.

Ok, perhaps I had 2. However I feel no embarassment!

Zucchini pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream.

On the other hand, let’s be sincere: I was raised on chocolate chip pancakes, butter, and syrup (thanks, mama) and I will constantly hold that near and dear to my heart. So if you discover me with a plateful of pancakes butter, syrup and all cut me some slack. It’s my heritage.

Oh yeah. In case you didn’t see, these sweet zucchini pancakes have veggies in them, so that counteracts all butter. Obvs.

Stack of zucchini pancakes with butter and maple syrup on a white plate.

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Stack of zucchini pancakes with butter and maple syrup on a plate.

Light, sweet, completely golden … I enjoy these practically as much as the lemon pancakes.

How do you top your pancakes?

Syrup? Berries? Peanut Butter? … Hot Fudge Sauce? All are welcome.

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