Spaghetti Marinara with Poached Eggs

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Mmk, so here’s the important things.

Poached eggs on spaghetti with homemade tomato sauce issss generally the very best thing ever. And I have actually been consuming everything week. Simply attempt to stop that supper train, I attempt you. Either move outta the method or get on this one since here it comes.

I’ll simply call it out like I typically finish with these type of dishes: eggs on spaghetti may be a little Dr. Seuss or something. It appears a little unusual. Is it unusual? I believe so. Beyond package. Eyebrows raised. However what would be truly unusual would be if you attempted a little bit of this yummy without falling head over heels in soft-egg love.


Noodles in a pan.

The entire wheat spaghetti with zingy marinara sauce is perfectly-quick-but-still-made-from-scratch * hooray * however the kicker is that soft egg on top. Poached and completely prepared methods you get a bit of soft, runny yolk to cream-ify the noodles as they twirl around the fork in all their sexy noodly methods. Ohhhh my spaghetti. Why do I not have a plate of this in my face right this 2nd?

The night that I made this, I battled long and hard versus the Pizza Fight. My brain: CHEESE PIZZA I’ll make a salad PEPPERONI PIZZA I believe we have some quinoa VEGGIE PIZZA grilled chicken? CHICKEN BARBEQUE PIZZA doubtful leftovers MARGHERITA PIZZA. It’s an all too genuine story of overall mind supremacy that occurs more than I wish to confess as a food blog writer, however I simply confessed anyways. Here you are believing we’re truly proficient at making best suppers for our households and after that doing Pinterest crafts prior to homemade dessert. Uh, for the food blog writers in this home, it’s more like PIZZA.

When Bjork offers me even one half of ounce of interest in purchasing a pizza for supper, I am psychologically secured. I do not understand if he does it on function, however he needs to understand that when the seed is planted, this woman is prepared for her za and ain’t no one gon na alter her mind. Pizza is a) scrumptious, b) cheeeeeeeese, and c) simple. Making a square meal at this moment? Best of luck.

Spaghetti sauce in a pan and mixed with noodles.

However this time was various. On this night I was either additional awesomely domestic about house cooking, or additional persistent about not investing cash on more food when we have a kitchen aka little, old, catch-all cabinet operating as a kitchen filled with food. “Even if you do not have a prepare for the food in your kitchen does not indicate that you can’t make some magic with it for supper.”

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