Southwest Sugary Food Potato Tater Toddler Hotdish

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How to enjoy yourself in November: put sautéed garlic, poblanos, mushrooms, peppers, black beans, and corn in a frying pan with a tacky queso-fundido base and top with a layer of sweet potato tater toddlers. Me, blanket, sweatpants, this frying pan.

It’s called a Southwest Sugary food Potato Tater Toddler Hotdish.

Oh, yes. You heard me properly.

This is whatever we enjoy about Tex-Mex food meeting our meatless objectives and taking the shape and type of a precious home cooking of Minnesota winter season: the tater toddler hotdish. However made brand-new.

How To Make Our Sugary Food Potato Tater Toddler Hotdish (1 MINUTES):

sweet potato tater tot hotdish with a wooden spoon

I matured consuming the periodic non-ironic tater toddler hotdish (#proud), so I feel warranted to provide you the 411 on this staple midwestern casserole: tater toddler hotdish typically has a hamburger and vegetable mix, made with some gravy (and by gravy I imply likely a can of condensed soup) and is topped with tater toddlers and catsup. I understand I understand I UNDERSTAND, however for definitely you require catsup if you wish to consume your tater toddler hotdish like a real midwesterner.

Tater toddler hotdish is among those foods that really so odd and borderline gross that someplace along the method it ends up being, in reality, truly truly excellent. I do not understand how this works, however I accept it.

Today, though? Tots be getting a contemporary remodeling.

We’re switching the hamburger for meaty portabella mushrooms, and trading peas and carrots for the spicy crunch of poblanos and bell peppers and corn. The gravy is getting changed by a pepperjacky-queso-esque scenario that is every bit as wonderful as you might image, and those sweet potato toddlers? YASSSS. Simply the correct amount of salty-sweetness to balance out the heat.

Essential things to think about: Will you swish Tabasco over the top? Sprinkle with more cheese? Embellish with vibrant herbs and fresh jalapeños? These things that depend on you, my buddy.

sweet potato tater tot hotdish ingredients in a bowl
sweet potato tater tot hotdish in a skillet with a wooden spoon

Among the secrets to this dish is the cast iron pan, which is why we utilize (and love) Lodge cast iron for all our sturdy, stovetop-to-oven dishes.

I have actually had a love affair with the enameled Dutch oven for as long as I can keep in mind (um, how about that a person time I composed a post called 10 SIMPLE DISHES YOU CAN MAKE IN A DUTCH OVEN). Now may be a great time to point out that these make exceptional Christmas presents for the foodies in your life. One in every color? I’m not opposed.

It likewise deserves discussing that the real cast iron star here is the basic 10.25-inch cast iron frying pan we got this as a wedding event present 7 years earlier, and while it took me an embarrassingly long period of time to overcome my worries of cast iron use and upkeep (which were all simply entirely in my head), now that I have actually discovered my stride with it, I am completely connected. For individuals who are attempting to clean-and-green their house life a bit, this is an incredible natural option to nonstick. Plus, like the Dutch oven, it’s flexible enough to enter the oven. Boom! No more distressing about plastic pan deals with melting off.

I have 2 guidelines for cleaning my cherished cast iron frying pan:

  1. Rinse and dry.
  2. ( If you’re enthusiastic) Rub with an oil-soaked paper towel.

Completion. Absolutely nothing fancy. Natural nonstick and economical high quality pots and pans is WITHIN REACH for the normals!

sweet potato tater tot hotdish in a skillet with a wooden spoon

Therefore is a sweet potato tater toddler hotdish that will make you win at life. I’m so pleased for you.

sweet potato tater tot hotdish with a wooden spoon

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Sweet Potato Tater Tot Hotdish in a skillet before baking.

Southwest Sugary Food Potato Tater Toddler Hotdish

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This sweet potato tater toddler hotdish is a hot twist on the initial filled with peppers, corn, black beans, homemade queso sauce, and toddlers! YUM!



  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Heat the butter over medium high heat in a 10.25-inch cast iron frying pan. Include the onion, garlic, mushrooms, and peppers; saute till soft. Include the spices and stir to blend.
  3. Include the flour and stir to coat till whatever gets sticky. Include the milk gradually, stirring after each addition, till you get a smooth mix. Include the cheese cubes and stir till melted.
  4. Stir in the black beans and corn. Taste and change this is a great time to include your salt!
  5. Leading the entire thing with tater toddlers (I did mine in a circle development).
  6. Bake for 20-30 minutes. BE CAREFUL THE BUBBLING OVER put a pan beneath to capture any drips. Let represent a couple of minutes prior to serving.


truly excellent with a hit of Tabasco or something acidic/spicy.

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