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I am a big Kewpie mayo fan. Routine mayo, not a lot. However provide me a squishy soft red-capped bottle of the great things and I’ll be squeezing it on whatever.

Kewpie mayo is my top dressing of option. I like it with french fries, I like it on sandwiches, I like it as a dip, I simply enjoy it. If you have actually never ever had Kewpie mayo or you have actually become aware of it however have not attempted it, you require to. It will alter your life, I’m not even joking.

What is Kewpie mayo

Kewpie mayo is Japan’s preferred mayo and salad dressing brand name. Developed in 1924, it’s practically common in every Japanese cooking area. It’s abundant, yet light, and exceptionally tasty. Kewpie mayo is so precious in Japan that they even have specialized Kewpie mayo coffee shops to commemorate all things Kewpie. There’s even a Kewpie mayo balcony slash museum where you can find out everything about Kewpie, get samples, and make your own!

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Renowned Japanese meals with Kewpie mayo

Kewpie are deeply deep-rooted in Japanese food, where it’s utilized as a dipping sauce, spices, and topping. It is among their preferred dressings and an important in any Japanese cooking area, right along side soy sauce, dashi, mirin, and sake. It’s precious for a factor it tastes incredible!

The Good News Is you do not need to go to Japan to experience the magic of Kewpie. You can discover it, in its signature capture bottle with a red flip top at a lot of supermarket nowadays, in the Asian aisle. The mayo itself is a bit more golden that your basic mayo and far more velvety and glamorous. Kewpie mayo utilizes simply egg yolks rather than routine mayo which utilizes entire eggs and rice or apple cider vinegar for a tip of sweet taste. It’s definitely addicting and we constantly have a bottle in the refrigerator. It’s the not-so-secret active ingredient to ALL tasty things.

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What is the distinction in between Kewpie and routine mayo

Mayo is an emulsion of oil, egg, and an acid. Routine mayo utilizes entire eggs and white vinegar whereas Kewpie utilizes just egg yolks and rice or apple cider vinegar. The outcome is an additional abundant and thick texture with a bit more sweet taste and tang. If you do not like mayo provide Kewpie a shot, it will amaze you how various they taste.

What does Kewpie taste like

Kewpie mayo is tangier, sweeter, thicker, and creamier than routine mayo. It has a big quantity of umami.

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Where to purchase Kewpie mayo

You can discover Kewpie mayo at a lot of supermarket in the Asian aisle. If your supermarket does not bring it, you can discover it at your regional Asian supermarket or online. They even offer it at Costco in some cases.

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What can I sub for Kewpie mayo?

If you can’t get Kewpie mayo you can get another brand name of Japanese mayo, however the initial and finest is Kewpie brand name. If you can’t get your hands on any Japanese mayo at all, you can make an alternative in your home. Dish listed below!

Kewpie mayo replacements

If you can’t discover Kewpie mayo however you definitely require it in your life, you can sub routine mayo and include a little rice vinegar and sugar to make a Kewpie mayo alternative.

How to utilize Kewpie mayo

Kewpie mayo is available in an amazing capture bottle with a red flip cover. It has a thin pointer that is best for piping kawaii deals with onto omelettes or making stunning lines of mayo on okonomiyaki. If you loosen the cover, there’s likewise a star pointer that let’s you eject blobs of mayo for those times when you require more, like when you’re making potato salad.

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What is Kewpie mayo great on?

It truthfully tastes incredible with whatever. You can utilize it as a dip for veggie sticks or utilize it anywhere you would utilize cattle ranch dressing. Kewpie mayo and breadsticks? Yes please! Kewpie mayo on pizza? Definitely. It is terrific with all proteins and particularly tasty when you dip chicken nuggets or tenders into it.

The distinction in between Japanese and American Kewpie

Did you understand that there are really 2 type of Kewpie mayo? There are the ones that are produced in Japan and imported and there are ones that are made right in the United States in California. The primary distinction in between the 2 solutions is MSG. The American Kewpie mayo rather leans on yeast extract (type of like dietary yeast) to include umami.

It’s a bit disingenuous however since yeast extract really has naturally happening MSG, similar to tomatoes and Parmesan cheese. We chose to do a blind contrast taste taste and I completely choose the Japanese variation. There’s a velvety, unique unctuous to it that is so tasty. It absolutely has a significantly mouthwatering umami note. Japanese kewpie all the method!

Japanese-style egg salad sandwiches! Do you love egg salad sandwiches but want a twist? Creamy kewpie mayo and jammy eggs makes this sandwich a winner. Just like the sandwiches you had on vacation in Japan but better ;) #sandwiches #eggsalad #japanese #japanesefood #recipes #recipeoftheday #eggs

Dishes to make with Kewpie mayo

Here are some dishes that utilize Kewpie mayo to get your mayo-imagination up and running.

  • Mayo ramen for an additional abundant luxe dining establishment design ramen
  • Ebi chili mayo Deep fried tempura prawns with sweet and hot Kewpie
  • Japanese Egg Sando (or this one) — Japanese egg salads aren’t Japanese unless you utilize Kewpie. This is gon na be the very best egg salad you’ll ever taste
  • Japanese potato salad It simply strikes various. It’s the Kewpie!
  • Takoyaki the timeless takoyaki topped with Kewpie
  • Deviled eggs eggs get an upgrade with Kewpie mayo
  • Sushi bake since it’s the creamiest, hottest, most rewarding casserole

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Kewpie mayo dish

Make this simple hack variation of timeless Kewpie mayo if you remain in a bind, however it’s much better to get the genuine thing
Serves 2
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Preparation Time 2 minutes Prepare Time 0 minutes Overall Time 2 minutes

Active Ingredients

  • 2 tablespoon mayo Hellmann’s/ Finest Foods chosen
  • 3/4 tsp rice vinegar
  • 1/4 tsp sugar


  • Mix whatever together up until smooth and consume on whatever.kewpie mayo recipe |

Approximated Nutrition

Nutrition Information.
Kewpie mayo dish.

Quantity Per Serving.

Calories 93
Calories from Fat 90

% Daily Worth *

Fat 10g 15% Hydrogenated fat 1.5 g 9% Cholesterol 5mg 2% Salt 90mg 4% Potassium 0.01 mg 0% Carbs 0.5 g 0% Fiber 0.01 g 0% Sugar 0.5 g 1% Protein 0.01 g 0% * Percent Daily Worths are based upon a 2000 calorie diet plan.

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