Women’ Journey to Aspen and The Little Nell

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Women’ Journey to Aspen and The Little Nell

Oh hayyyy web frands! Today is the day I have actually been anticipating all week the one where we’re going to speak about the women’ journey and after that distribute some travel money for you to utilize towards YOUR OWN journey at the end of the post. You down widdat?

I have sososo much to inform you about our women’ weekend journey to Aspen, as evidenced by the profane (no I truly imply it: OBSCENE) variety of pictures that will strike your computer system screen if you are among the brave souls who in fact clicks the find out more button. Consider it as a “see more” button today however, since I’m going to attempt to let the avalanche of Aspen vacay photos do the talking and not get so extremely chatty. Which all of us understand is practically difficult for my run-on-sentence-loving-self. So, uh, go into at your own threat.

Woman sitting at a table.

This journey was definitely, without a doubt, by far a Significant Emphasize of 2014. There were many things that made this journey distinctively 24-7-365 ENJOYABLE. Er, can that be a thing? A 24-7-365-days enjoyable women’ journey to Aspen? I have a brand-new life objective.

10 years ago precisely to the date of our departure, my 3 pals and I satisfied throughout our very first week at college. How strange is it that it was actually to the date? Likewise, how strange is it that I can remember what they were using when all of us satisfied? Do not even respond to. Likewise please do not look too seriously at my 18-year-old self glancing out from the edge of the strange darkness. I do not believe we had actually rather mastered the entire selfie thing back in excellent ol’ 2004.

Friends Then and Now.

The 3 people Minnesotans chose to travel down to meet our Colorado buddy to commemorate 10 years of sweet relationship with a mountain vacation. After a VIP pickup in the Denver airport (indications! we’re unique!), we struck the roadway in a Subaru since Colorado for a great 4 hour trek out to Aspie where we consumed fantastic food, consumed great deals of whatever, did some moderate “nature checking out”, informed a lot of individual stories, normally imitated 7th graders, wept simply enough to be genuine, and chuckled till our bellies hurt.

Collage of vacation images.

Yeah that? That was simply a teaser. Here are 5 of the significant highlights. Take pleasure in!

1. The Residences At The Little Nell

Sunset at The Little Nell in Aspen, CO.

There simply are no words. (Okay, perhaps I can develop a couple of words.)

This location is remarkably AMAZING, like I practically wept when we needed to leave. When the Little Nell used to host us for our women’ vacation, I was fist pumping and pleased dancing like a wild one and after that we in fact arrived and saw that it resembled something from a dream land > hint: fist pumping and pleased dancing like wild ones All. Weekend. Long. In case you aren’t familiar, which I wasn’t, the Little Nell is a year-round first-class, 5- diamond location hotel simply steps from famous Aspen Mountain and benefit! it’s the only ski-in, ski-out hotel in Aspen. Whoayes.

We in fact remained at the Residences, which are more like little apartments (let’s be genuine when I state little apartments I imply absolutely two times as huge as my home) and these tasty personal homes are PERFECT for a group of individuals wanting to settle in to a little mountain sanctuary for a couple of days. Our space was a good comfy-cozy 2 bed room suite with my dream cooking area, a lovely living and dining location, 2 fireplaces, and I can’t even keep speaking about it since I’m so getaway homesick now.

What truly set the Little Nell apart for us, however, was the service. I have actually never ever satisfied a more congenial group of individuals in my whole life. I seriously wish to be buddies with everyone that we satisfied and have it not be weird, however I believe it may be weird. That being stated, if you are among the very amazing individuals that we satisfied at the Little Nell that I’m privately intending to be pals with, simply go on and click that little tab up there called “contact.”

A few of the photos in this grid are from our “space” aka home aka estate like this very first one that appears like it runs out a rustic-chic house publication. And a few of the more contemporary photos are of other spaces that we saw and enjoyed around the hotel part of the Little Nell.

The Little Nell, Aspen, CO collage of images.

2. The Aspect 47 Wine Rack Trip

Aspen Girls' Trip.

Then came the classy VIP wine rack experience that we in some way handled to snag, annnnd we may have let on a little excessive about our doing not have white wine understanding when, within the very first 2 seconds of fulfilling our captivating sommelier, we asked HOW TO PRONOUNCE SOMMELIER. And by we, I imply me. Truthfully. Simply a directly telltale sign of the non-fancy-wine-ness.

Fortunately is that when the trick of our regularness was exposed, we had a lot enjoyable asking concerns, learning more about the acclaimed white wine list, signing our supercool hashtag on the white wine boxes on the ceiling, and swooning over old, pricey bottles of white wines with our sommie. Why does that name need to be so expensive, anyhow?

I’m not even sorry that these low lit photos are modified with some faded black and white since it provides a rustic, romantic, classic feel that is absolutely proper for representing the total Wine rack Trip Experience. We heart the Cellar!

Award-Winning Wine Cellar at The Little Nell.

3. Supper At Aspect 47

It lasted for 5 hours, you people. 5 HOURS. ON FUNCTION.

The talking and multi-course consuming and drinking simply entirely took control of and we might not bring ourselves to leave.

I will not get too severe or remarkable (lie), however it was perhaps in the leading 3 most unique suppers of my life. Partly since of the food that simply kept coming: pea soup, farm salad, lobster, wagyu, tagliatelle with housemade ricotta, braised bunny, lamb, and dark chocolate ganache.

However mainly it was so unique since it was our very first sit-down-and-talk meal of this journey, and truly our very first genuine, deep, catch-up time of the last 5 years. We simply kept consuming, and drinking, and talking, and at one point in the 5 hours we were all chuckling so loud I was fretted we were going to get returned to our spaces, and the next hour all of us had brimming eyes and tear-dripping faces as we shared the pleasures and griefs that have actually been a huge part of our real life lives.

Simply absolutely memorable.

Dinner at Element 47, Aspen, CO collage images.

4. Fly Fishing

Four girls holding fishing poles.

Yes. The women went fly fishing.

The last time I have actually been fishing, was, like, never ever. This is a group of women who shamelessly enjoy food, makeup, shoes, yoga, shops, and a couple of other much deeper things, however fishing is not one of them. As quickly as we learnt that this was in fact a thing that was going to occur, I began to have problems about a) falling in the pond? river? lake? what is it, anyhow? b) snagging somebody’s confront with my hook, and c) in fact capturing a fish, and after that what ?! TOUCHING it?

Whatever was established by the Little Nell experience group, and to our awe, we were secured to the most gorgeous and peaceful area in the mountains * in a Jeep * * heck yes * by 2 client, sweet, rugged nature-mountain-guys that assisted us in fact make fly fishing wonders occur. That’s right, pals. I captured and touched a fish.

Undoubtedly the journey would not be total without treats one bite of goat cheese and honey crostini, one cast, one handful of path mix, one cast, one sip of champagne, one cast … which’s how fly fishing decreased.

PS. You might observe that a few of us look gorgeous while holding fish and others look hugely out of control. I think you might state food is more my thing.

Fly Fishing at The Little Nell in Aspen collage images.

5. Checking Out and Beyond

And After That there’s all the rest of it!

There was no lack of fab consuming, treking, shopping, canine befriending, and simply delighting in each others’ business in gorgeous Aspen.

Collage of images from vacation.

For more of my pals’ pictures and videos (like the among us passing through a river in our Jeep!) you can inspect Instagram and browse the #LittleOnesTakeCO hashtag. Likewise, The Little Nell has some sweet Instas inspect them out, too.

Alright alright I’m all done! Since this post is so long, by this point a little Rafflecopter widget need to have packed listed below so that you can go into to win $300 Travel Money in the kind of a VISA present card to utilize for your extremely own little vacation this fall.

This free gift is sponsored by simply Bjork and me we wish to make certain that you people feel the love this fall by investing some deliberate time with individuals you value one of the most. Naturally, it’s a VISA present card so you might simply purchase a 3 month supply of salted dark chocolate and we ‘d never ever understand, however then you ‘d lose out on the enjoyable of a travel experience with your favorites which would be unfortunate.

a Rafflecopter free gift

You, my buddy, are a Champ Reader and Getaway Photo Looker. Thank you and TGIF XO!

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