Freezer Meal Italian Beef

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Freezer Meal Italian Beef Sandwiches are here in the nick of time for the turmoil of fall and they are prepared to enjoy you.

There is a lot to enjoy about food that takes 7 minutes to prep, and includes tender shredded beef with a great deal of garlic and onion, crusty buttered bread, melted Provolone, salted and tasty giardiniera, and a superluscious and tasty broth to soak all of it in.

Instant Pot Italian Beef sandwich being dipped in a sauce.

How Make Freezer Meal Italian Beef Happen

That’s it. Low upkeep and versatility is the name of the video game here.

A bag with food and a label stating Italian Beef.

When your beef is done, broil some hearty (I imply like SUPER hearty) crispy bread with pieces of Provolone cheese, include your beef and giardiniera, and send it swimming in that brothy goodness.

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Shredded beef sandwich with au jus in a bowl.

Freezer Meal Italian Beef

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Freezer Meal Italian Beef! Simply a couple of minutes to prep and hands-off to make. Tender shredded beef, crusty buttered bread, melted provolone, and giardiniera.

Active Ingredients

Freeze together:


INSTANTANEOUS POT: Include 2 1/2 cups broth and 1/4 cup giardiniera salt water prior to cooking. From frozen, 1 hour 15 minutes on high pressure + 15 minutes natural release.

SLOW COOKER: Include 2 1/2 cups broth and 1/4 cup giardiniera salt water prior to cooking. From defrosted, 5-6 hours on high.

LAST ACTION: Serve on toasted rolls with melted cheese and sliced giardiniera!

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