February Coffee Date– 2019 

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February Coffee Date 2019

Well, well, well.

It’s a brand-new month, and we reunite!

This began as the January Coffee Date, however then got pressed back and pressed back since of all the incredible Sugar Free January dishes, and after that it ended up being February, therefore this became the February coffee date, however what the heck! The month does not even matter when it includes a comfortable minute to get your warm beverage on, pull that sweatshirt a little tighter around yourself, possibly discover some treats (not to be a damaged record however MAY I RECOMMEND THESE), and settle in for a great talk.

Today we are discussing:

Yep, ought to be great. Here we go!

Sugar Free January Wrap-up

Roasted veggie bowls in a bowl with a fork.

Sugar Free January! It’s done! We did it!


Some ideas I had this year:

Any SFJ-ers out there this year? What were your preferred dishes? What was the hardest part for you?

Likewise: I ‘d enjoy for you to take our study if you have feedback for next year!

Daily Harvest

A person holding a white mug.

Have you people seen/ become aware of/ attempted Daily Harvest?

The advertisements dealt with me (as did a suggestion from a buddy), so I chose to try this month. We purchased a lot of healthy smoothies like, 24, I believe? We did the one month offer.

Here are my ideas.

The Excellent:

The Bad:

I wonder your viewpoints if you have actually attempted it (or actually, if you have actually attempted comparable meal or treat shipment services).

Solvi’s Arrange

Lindsay holding Solvi.


I began discussing Solvi’s sleep schedule on my individual Instagram a couple of weeks after she was born, and I have actually had a great deal of individuals asking me to share sleep updates! I am right there with you personally I discover it so remarkable to become aware of what other households are doing when it pertains to infant sleep and schedules. What’s working, what’s not, all that jazz.

So here’s a peek at our scheduling method for the Queen Vi.

Here’s what our day-to-day schedule appears like (and today we are handling brief afternoon naps which is really less than suitable)!

A couple of clarifiers:

A) She really seldom follows this precisely! Great deals of 40 minute naps recently have actually majorly tossed us off any sort of foreseeable schedule.

B) She sleeps through the night most nights, minus that 5am feeding.

C) She oversleeps our space, in a baby crib, for naps and nights.

D) She is breastfed, however we provide her a bottle (breastmilk) prior to bed, which began of large desperation since she was really picky when nursing in the evening, and now has actually ended up being a great little regular that permits me versatility at night.

I would like your ideas on this! What’s worked for you? What hasn’t? Anybody else combating the great battle versus brief naps? #please

My Favorite Nontoxic Fragrance

A hand holding a bottle of perfume name "Good chemistry wild child".

You people, I have not used fragrance for actually years since of the entire “scent is the brand-new previously owned smoke” thing.

However. I discovered this scent line at Target and I LIKE IT.

It’s budget-friendly, delicious, and seems reasonably tidy! It’s vegan, paraben-free, and fragrance-d with vital oils. Here’s more on that.

I have 2 aromas the Queen Bee (in a roller ball thingy), and Wild Kid (in a spray). Extremely suggest.

When The Hard Times Come


On a more severe note, it has actually been a terrible week for among my closest pals. If we were on a genuine coffee date, I ‘d most likely get tears in my eyes informing you about whatever that has actually taken place.

Some things that have actually assisted me as I sit with my own unhappiness and likewise attempt to support my good friend:

Oh, and by the method. This month Sage states …

A dog sitting on a couch looking out the window.

Sage. SAGE. Over here please?

I do not understand, she’s too hectic enjoying birds and leaves and snow blow around the yard. Which is possibly her lesson in and of itself? Let’s get lost in the little things like leaves and snow and birds this month.

And if you were questioning if she’ll be your Valentine, the response is heck to the yes.

That’s it! (States the individual who simply composed 90 million words.)

Talk With me! How’s your winter season going?

And if nobody has actually informed you recently, you’re doing a terrific task. ♡

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