Curry Hummus

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Gluten Free May |

Curry Hummus!

And Gluten Free May!

So here’s the offer. I am not gluten complimentary. I am not a specialist on gluten complimentary. I acknowledge that gluten complimentary diet plans aren’t simply fashionable however truly essential for some individuals, and I likewise acknowledge that gluten is not the food of the devil.

All that being stated, there was some good things occurred when I chose to dip my toes in the gluten-free waters a couple of weeks earlier.

Good things list:

Curry Hummus on a dish with vegetables.

I didn’t truly have a factor to attempt going gluten complimentary aside from seeming like I had actually gotten a little off-track with my consuming in the 4 months considering that we lost our child, Afton, and I wished to right the ship. Get the body back in its groove, you understand. I was looking for that sort of feel-good thing that I had not had for … a long period of time.

Going gluten complimentary for a brief while wasn’t always the magic bullet that got me back to ground no, however it was a valuable method for me to structure my meals. I had actually begun defaulting to bread, and great deals of bread, and great deals of associated bread items throughout a season when what I required was home cooking upon home cooking. And I’m not regretful about that in the least. I required bread throughout that long winter season often a plain piece of toast with butter was all I might consume.

However as spring emerged, both mentally and seasonally, pulling out of bread and other gluten-y things carefully raised me outside package and advised that there are likewise other foods that I do enjoy to consume that aren’t some variation of buttered bread, noodles, and the likes.


Curry Hummus on a plate with vegetables.

I made this beautiful curry hummus since I wished to put it on a wrap (and I DID put it on a wrap and you’re going to enjoy that wrap persistence, insect), however then it was so lovely and tasted so tasty that I believed the curry hummus deserved its own post. I would definitely consider this a summertime stocked-fridge staple considering that it makes an unscripted mid-morning treat or a spur-of-the-moment delighted hour an overall truth in your life. And thankfully, it utilizes components that a lot of us POYers most likely have on hand at any given minute.

Curry paste. Curry powder (yes, I like both in there). Coconut milk. Chickpeas. Garlic. Lime, right? Gosh, I enjoy me some fresh lime. And something for heat. What’s your toxin? I like a pinch-full of cayenne pepper.

Whether you dip with raw veggies or root veggie chips because, you understand, CHIPS you will be rocking out with the curry vibes on this one. Mwah.

Curry Hummus on a plate with vegetables.

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Curry Hummus on serving platter with vegetables and olives.

Curry Hummus

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Curry Hummus! smooth, velvety, and ideal for a healthy treat or in a wrap for an amazing lunch. gluten & dairy complimentary. YUM.

Active Ingredients



  1. Blend or pulse in a food mill till smooth.
  2. Include more coconut oil, olive oil, or water to loosen up as required, depending upon how thick you desire it. Completion!


I like to include a little capture of lime and a pinch of cayenne for additional heat.

Many curry pastes utilize shrimp paste, so if you require this to be completely vegetarian or vegan, you got ta make your own curry paste or purchase a vegan one.

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