Camote Tops (Camote Fritters)

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this dish

There they all, all purpley and fantastic.

Today’s post is a throwback to when I stated I was going to do a ten-week series on the Filipino food that was prepared and liked at the orphanage we operated at in 2015, however then I just survived 8 weeks since LIFE. So my objective in May is to end up out the last 2 dishes that I have actually accumulated and, at the same time, advise myself of all the sweet things I liked about life in the Philippines. ❤

For instance.

Filipino Pancit.

Noodles and veggies steaming in a pan.

Staircase snuggles.

Woman holding a young girl.

Journey on bike.

Ocean view in Cebu.

Sweet faces.

Young boy with glasses wearing a helmet.

Filipino Spaghetti.

Filipino Spaghetti.

Little laughter all around.

Children around a woman.

And now, to contribute to the list of fantastic: camotes.

I would explain camotes as a Filipino root veggie that is some type of a cross in between a yam and a “orange sweet potato” like we’re utilized to here in the United States. They are starchy and a bit sweet and best for frying. Not that I like frying foods or anything.

The Sun Star (a Filipino paper) explains them like dis:

” Its starchy, sweet-tasting, tuberous roots are an essential root veggie … Although the softer, orange range is frequently called a yam in parts of The United States and Canada, the sweet potato is botanically really unique from the other veggie called a yam, which is belonging to Africa and Asia … In particular parts of the world, sweet potatoes are in your area called camote, kamote, guy thet, ubi jalar, ubi keladi, shakarkand, satsuma imo, batata or el boniato. In the Philippines, we call them camote.”

Sugary camote fritters on a yellow plate.

Mashed and boiled, cut into strips and fried, covered in brown sugar and caramelized (type of like the banana hint) or made into little fritters and sprayed with sugar, thus all of it will make you pleased.

Camotes might generally be everybody’s best treat.

Camotes on a spoon over a pan.

The day I brought my class to your homes to make these with the aunties in among your homes, it was so so so hot. Wait, that’s every day in the Philippines. However I swear this day was additional hot. Allegedly this was a cooking lesson (for me and them!) and fortunately I believe my trainees were a) unsusceptible to the heat and b) in love with Camote Fritters since they simply dove right in with the grating, washing, stirring, frying, turning, scattering, and consuming.

Camote fritters frying in a pan.

Why is it that even in the most popular of hottness of all the hot, it’s still excellent to consume fried potatoes? I do not even understand, however it’s genuine.

The odd feature of being back house in the United States we’re showing up on the one year mark! what the what! is that nearly every day I think of how glad I am to be using a sweatshirt, drinking safe water, and walking on a pathway with green turf and lakes and tidy air all around me. There are some lovely aspects of this Minnesota-land. However yet there’s this little piece of my heart that is simply hurting to return to the heat, the sweat, the dirt, the extremely beautiful sundowns, the lizards running around in your kitchen area, the bike, and the love that is CSC.

Woman with young girls.

Sooner or later quickly, I hope.

Sooner or later real quickly.

Sugary camote fritters on a yellow plate.

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A picture of Camote Tops

Camote Tops

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These sweet camote fritters were a popular treat made by the aunties at the Filipino orphanage we lived and operated at for a year!

Active Ingredients


  1. Peel, grate, and wash the camotes. Integrate in a big bowl with the brown sugar, flour, and vanilla.
  2. Put a thin layer of oil into a big pan (see image). Bring the oil to a medium high heat. Drop the camote mix by spoonfuls into the oil and fry till golden brown, about 3-4 minutes on each side.
  3. Drain on a plate lined with paper towels. Sprinkle with sugar prior to serving.

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