Coffee Shop Latte Turtle Cake for 2

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Extremely abundant chocolate cake with waterfalls of caramel and pecan gems motivated by the scrumptious turtle cake from Coffee shop Latte. The best dessert for 2! Or 6! Or one!

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We are beginning the February Enjoyable Series with the most enjoyable thing around. An additional abundant, coffee-spiked, chocolatey, caramelly little copycat turtle cake that definitely has our hearts and will have yours, too.

Okay, if you are a resident Twin Resident and you have actually roamed down busy Grand Opportunity in St. Paul and discovered yourself attracted by those intense swoopy pinky-red neon letters that state “Coffee shop Latte,” then you undoubtedly have actually satisfied and fallen deeply, incredibly, completely in love with their turtle cake. It is a thing of splendor.

That is the story here. An extremely abundant chocolatey cake, cascading with caramel, and jeweled with big pecans. Layers on layers, perhaps a lot of layers, and likewise never ever adequate layers. This cake implies organization. This cake implies “I enjoy you.” This is the things date nights are made from.

SO OBVIOUSLY IT HAD TO BE FIGURED OUT HOW TO BE MADE IN YOUR HOME. Due to the fact that, although it deserves a journey to St. Paul actually constantly, a journey into St. Paul can not constantly be had. (Unless you possibly live straight off of Grand Ave. in which case, would you like a lot of brand-new roomies? We likewise include kids and family pets.)

So here we are, a (possibly not so) small turtle cake for 2. Or 6. Or one. Let your heart choose.

Candied pecans on top of turtle cake

Components For This Turtle Cake

To make this enjoyable little cake (or set of cakes) take place, you’ll require to collect your baking staples and your Bake-Off perseverance. JK, you’ll simply require your love of chocolate and enjoyment for cake, we do not require any Hollywood Handshakes around here although, you will be worthy of one, guarantee.

For the icing and garnishes we utilized store-bought caramel to conserve time and utilized candied pecans since we’re a little additional (plain toasted ones are likewise fantastic).

Cafe Latte turtle cake with a slice taken out of it and a fork next to the cake

How To Make Turtle Cakes For 2

It is in some way constantly more enjoyable to make a small variation of something, right? Due to the fact that, “Take a look at that charming little caaaaake!” And fortunately, making it mini isn’t truly anymore work than making a huge one take place, so here we go!

  1. Batter up. Blend all the turtle cake active ingredients together. Grease 3 lil’ ramekins & divide batter in between ’em!
  2. On your mark, ready, bake! 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes. Get rid of the cakes carefully from the ramekins and permit to cool.
  3. Okay, frosting time. Bring the milk, sugar, and butter to a boil and after that melt in chocolate chips and blend up until smooth. Enable to cool a bit for ease of icing.
  4. Start layering! Set up by layering cake, icing, pecans, caramel, and after that keep stacking up until you have an absolutely terrific, excessive cake.

Hot idea, hot idea it’s fantastic to slice the pecans for the middle layers so the cake stacks perfectly and the texture is really pleasing. However then we leave them entire on top for optimum lovely fanciness.

Perfect For Date Night

This little turtle cake is truly so unique. It feels enjoyable and celebratory and like the best thing to make a date night in your home feel simply a bit additional. As an included reward, we really enjoy this a lot more once it’s had an opportunity to being in the refrigerator for a bit so you can absolutely make it ahead of time and have it currently waiting on you. Perhaps you can find out how to have your pet dog bring it out to you at the end of the meal or, like … protect it to your robotic vacuum or something? We’re believing outside package here, however we truly desire your date night-in to be unique, you understand?

It is simply the best dessert for a particular upcoming February vacation if that’s your thing or, you understand, simply some routine old Wednesday. Actually it’s best anytime constantly permanently and ever amen.

Turtle cake with a wedge taken out of it

Coffee Shop Latte Turle Cake For 2: Often Asked Concerns

Do you have any suggestions for organizing the pecans?

Slice the pecans that enter the middle layers (simpler to consume) and after that utilize the entire pecans on top (quite to take a look at).

Any suggestions on frosting the cake?

When you’re frosting the cake, you’ll wish to spread out the icing simply to the edge and a little previous it so that it does not entirely leak down however simply type of waterfalls over the edge. It works well to simply let it naturally leak down the cake vs. really spreading it over the sides.

What size of ramekin do you recommend for making this?

8-ounce ramekins are best here (affiliate link). The ones in our kitchen area are 4 inches broad and about 2 inches high.

What type of pecans should I utilize?

Routine toasted pecans work, however why not take it over the leading with candied pecans ?! You will not regret it.

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Turtle cake on a plate

Coffee Shop Latte Turtle Cake for 2

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Extremely abundant chocolate cake with waterfalls of caramel and pecan gems motivated by the scrumptious turtle cake from Coffee shop Latte. The best dessert for 2! Or 6! Or one!



Chocolate Cake:

Chocolate Icing:



  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Blend all the cake active ingredients into a batter, utilizing the coffee to thin it out (it’s a quite thick batter, even with the coffee). Kindly grease 4 8-ounce ramekins with cooking spray. Divide batter in between the ramekins and spread out into the meals so it covers the bottom.
  3. Bake for 15-20 minutes. Get rid of the cakes carefully from the ramekins and permit to cool for a minimum of 20 minutes prior to including icing.
  4. In a little pan, bring the milk, sugar, and butter to a boil. After 15-20 seconds of boiling, eliminate from heat and melt in chocolate chips. Blend up until smooth. Include coffee to thin somewhat, blending to get it smooth and glossy. Enable to cool for a couple of minutes so the icing isn’t rather so runny (it’ll still be runny, you simply do not desire it to be very hot when you spread it on the cakes).
  5. With this dish, you can either make one 3-layer cake or more 2-layer cakes. Layer cake, icing, pecans, caramel, and repeat up until you have your good decadent, excessive cake. I simply spoon a little icing into the center of each cake and slowly work it out to the edge to get a waterfall result. I slice up the pecans that enter the middle layer for a more textured crispy bite, and after that utilize the entire pecans in a circular pattern on top.
  6. Consume the cake while warm (yum) or shop in the refrigerator for a day or more (likewise really yum)! SO GOOD. Thank you Coffee Shop Latte!


The variations displayed in the images can assist you find out how you desire your cake to be! The very first image in the post reveals a two-layer cake with a runnier icing (it waterfalls a bit over the edges) whereas the last images reveal a three-layer cake with a somewhat thicker icing that does not diminish the sides as much. Have fun with it and make it simply how you desire it!

I discover that cooking spray is truly the very best thing to utilize to get the cakes out of the ramekins quickly. I have actually dealt with other approaches however the cooking spray has actually never ever failed me!

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