Breakfast Enchiladas with Roasted Poblano Sauce

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Very first the sauce, now the breakfast enchilada ending.

Pals, these are BREAKFAST ENCHILADAS. Wait tho let me state that once again: break-fast-en-chi-la-das. That you are going to make in your own home and after that feast on as breakfast (and lunch and supper and midnight treat) for the foreseeable days ahead. That are going to make you either a breakfast hero to yourself or a breakfast hero to the world’s luckiest souls who get to share this pan of tacky goodness with you.

Things are looking genuine excellent, men. Reeeeal excellent.

Breakfast Enchilada Particulars:

These breakfast enchiladas are filled with …

Extra fire roasted tomatoes? Mushrooms? BACON? Be my visitor. You fill those breakfast enchiladas approximately your enchilada-loving heart’s pleasure.

When you determine your filling, things are about to be involved a great tight tortilla hug and blessed with that Creamy Spinach and Roasted Poblano Sauce that we simply got done adoring.

How do I even reveal my love? How?

This combination of tastes + my starving tastebuds + everybody’s preferred meal of the day … it’s wonderful.

turkey and potatoes in a pan on the oven

person rolling a breakfast enchilada on a wooden surface
roasted poblano sauce in a pan with a wooden spoon

On a more individual note I’m avoided today for a women’ weekend trip!

In 2015 for our first-ever ladies’ weekend trip, we went to Aspen, CO for a lattes/ fall walkings/ hot tubbing sort of ambiance. It was whatever. In the manner in which you get back from a weekend of straight hang outs and talking and enjoyable, are semi-depressed for a week, and after that instantly begin preparing your next trip.

In this stage of life, scheduling something suggests we are working around children (um, do blog site children count?) and pregnancies and feeding schedules, however we made it work! Therefore this year on this extremely day we are headed to Scottsdale, AZ for more of a sun/ health club/ swimming pool sort of circumstance.

And while Scottsdale may be feeling more like a spring day than the hot and steamy tropics today, fortunately I am of the range of individuals who feels that any temperature level over 60 degrees validates swimming pool time, so bring it on, Scottsdale. Bring. It. On.

I’ll be vacation-snapping the weekend away (- > pinchofyum), so please inform me you have Snapchat. PLZZZ.

Simply thinking of this now -> making a pan of these breakfast enchiladas and tucking them away in the freezer would not be a bad method for handling the post-vacation blues that I understand will follow this weekend. I believe I may be on to something here.

breakfast enchilada with eggs, potatoes, and turkey

Bjork and I made this twice and both times we consumed it for breakfast, lunch, and supper for, like, 2 days directly prior to it was all gone. I SO eagerly anticipated consuming the leftovers every day and we require that sort of positivity in our lives throughout the month of February, do not we?

Go go go. Breakfast Enchilada power to you!

Have A Look At Our Video For How To Make Breakfast Enchiladas:

* Keep in mind: video above utilizes the tomatillo sauce from this dish.

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Breakfast enchiladas in a pan.

Breakfast Enchiladas with Roasted Poblano Sauce

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Breakfast Enchiladas with rushed eggs, chili potatoes, hot turkey, cheese, and a homemade roasted poblano sauce. SUPER tasty! Love this dish for breakfast, breakfast, or brinner.



  1. POTATOES: Heat a big frying pan to medium high heat. Include the olive oil, potatoes, and half of the spices and salt; saute till golden brown and tender-crisp. Transfer to a bowl and reserved.
  2. TURKEY: In the very same pan, include the turkey and half of the spices and salt. Disintegrate into little pieces till totally prepared. Transfer to a bowl and reserved.
  3. EGGS: In the very same pan, with the heat tuned to low, include the eggs and boss around carefully in the pan till hardly rushed. Include the potatoes, turkey, half the cheese, and 1/2 cup of the poblano sauce to the pan with the eggs. Stir to integrate.
  4. ASSEMBLY: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Grease a 9 × 13 pan and spread out a thin layer of poblano sauce over the bottom. Fill each tortilla with the egg/turkey/potato mix and roll up; location joint side down in the baking meal. Cover with staying poblano sauce and cheese.
  5. BAKING: Bake for 20 minutes till bubbly and hot. Serve instantly (however this likewise makes terrific leftovers).


I needed to utilize 2 pans to hold all 10 enchiladas. My 9 × 13 just held about 6 since of the size of tortillas we were utilizing.

The tortillas take in a lot while they bake, and they can get a little dry and stiff if not covered in sauce. So one little hack is to reserve a bit of sauce and blend it with water to develop an extremely thin sauce that you can coat each tortilla with prior to rolling.

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Note: Nutrition label is for the filling just. Tortillas differ considerably, so I left that out. The sauce has its own nutrition label, so you’ll need to include the filling (noted here) + sauce + tortilla to get a complete dietary count.

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