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Making lemonade in a mixer has actually genuinely transformed my summertime.

Eh, I’m very little of a lemonade drinker, stated the old me. However the principle of making lemonade, fresh, quickly, sweet and nearly creamy-like (thank you sweetened condensed milk) has actually made me into something of a brand-new summertime individual. This mixer lemonade takes, oh, let me see, 3 seconds? And needs 4 active ingredients: lemons, sugar, water, and sweetened condensed milk. And it’s absolutely tart and revitalizing, however is still amazingly mellow and light due to the fact that of the yep, you thought it. SCM.

Life-altering news here. There’s no requirement of making a basic syrup! Trigger who wishes to put in the time to make a basic syrup when all you truly desire is a huge glass of homemade lemonade 5 minutes ago? Not me, obvi.

Blender lemonade.

Often I make blog site things, and after that successively make them 3, 4, 5 more times within the very first couple of days of attempting them out. This was absolutely among those times.

And for great factor, due to the fact that guess what is enjoyable to do with lemonade? Put it in mason containers and provide it away as a get-well-soon present, in addition to a batch of oatmeal flax blueberry muffins and a couple of additional pieces of Oreo fudge ice cream bars. If that does not recover the soul, then you most likely weren’t even ill to start with.

Simply neglect me.

Or you can likewise serve this lemonade to pals to balance out the “not extremely hot” jalapeno hamburgers that inadvertently got red-faced-dripping-sweat-spicy. Woops. In between the Oreo fudge ice cream soup and the tastebud-singeing jalapeno hamburgers, individuals absolutely enjoy having supper with us.

Squeezed lemons in a strainer.

Diverting off-course: can you do me a favor? Go type “lemons” someplace, type of rapidly.

No. Nope. Do not scroll on till you do it.

Squeezed lemons in a bowl.

Did you type lemonds? I truthfully can not stop typing the word lemonds. I have actually considered it each time I understand the word is turning up as I’m composing today. No d, no d, no d in lemons. Yet in some way the word that appears on the page is lemonds.

Discussions like this are factor number 599 why it’s great that I’m not going to be a full-time blog writer.

I’m more much better at things like drinking lemonade and keeping in mind to lick the additional sweetened condensed milk off the spoon prior to it strikes the bottom of the sink, not to discuss finding lovable mason container mugs for ninety cents at thrift shops and pretending that I have actually been consuming out of mason containers all my fashionable life. That’s what I do best.

Blender lemonade in jars.

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Blender Lemonade

Mixer Lemonade

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This mixer lemonade is the simplest method to make lemonade! Simply mix a couple of lemons, some sugar, and a couple of cups of water. Stress and take pleasure in!

Active Ingredients


  1. Cut the lemons and lime into wedges (fourths or eighths depending upon the size of the lemon). Location in a mixer with the water and the sugar. Mix on high speed for a minute or till the lemons have actually been broken down and the water appears like lemonade. Let the mix sit for a couple of minutes so the broken down pieces of lemon increase to the top of the mixer.
  2. Put the lemonade through a metal strainer over a big pitcher. You might require to do this in batches so that you can clear the lemon pieces out of the strainer. KEEP the lemon pieces! Utilize the mix for muffins, fruit desserts, jam, pasta, or simply cleaning your waste disposal unit in the sink.
  3. Include the sweetened condensed milk to the lemonade in the pitcher. Stir to integrate or pulse rapidly through the mixer. The lemonade will separate after about 15 minutes, so simply keep a wood spoon useful and provide it a fast stir prior to serving.


The objective is to break the lemons down into a thick pulp without in fact including them into the water (otherwise the skin will make it taste bitter). Nearly all of the lemon pulp must rise to the top when you’re done mixing so that you do not in fact consume it. As an outcome, a couple of commenters have actually not had great outcomes utilizing ultra high powered mixers due to the fact that the lemon gets totally included into the water. If you are utilizing a high powered mixer, I would utilize the pulse setting to make certain you do not over-blend the lemons.

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I discussed it in the dish however I feel the requirement to state it once again loud and clear: KEEP THE COMBINED LEMON PIECES. There are many excellent usages for this things. I do not truly understand all of them yet however they’re concerning me. I can feel it.

And if you have any concepts to provide me a running start, I would not be mad about that.

Cheers to the lemonade-filled fourth of July weekend!

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