Banana Monkey Bread

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I believe we can all concur that, in life, smells are whatever. And in my experience, smells are either actually great or actually, actually bad.

For instance, the odor of stew while I’m making it great.

The odor of stew that remains on my coat (and wafts around the space throughout my 8am conference) bad.

The odor of Bjork, newly showered and using tidy clothing great.

The odor of ripe, sweaty socks and shoes on my 4th graders extremely bad.

( … Apologies for that. Please disassociate that odor from this blog site.)

Fork removing a piece of banana monkey bread from a white dish.

Great news, individuals. The odor of Banana Monkey Bread is going to restore you. Simply when you believed you would not last another day in this cold, snowy winter season, or you could not manage the idea of awakening so early, or you could not eliminate the stew odor in your home …

This odor pertains to the rescue! And bonus offer: it’s actually a package, since you get the remarkable odor of cinnamon and newly baked bread in addition to the scrumptious taste and texture.

Now, when I state “newly baked bread”, I am describing smells just. Since as much as I desire you to believe that I have energy and time to make bread from scratch on a weekday (or weekend, for that matter), I will confess that Pillsbury Grands Biscuits and Croissants regularly discover their method into my grocery cart. So now you understand.

And now you understand why these are so simple. Since actually, all you have is 3 active ingredients. 3, individuals.

It might have more if you wished to make it more complex and advanced. I will not evaluate. I may even join you one day.

However not today. I have excessive to do.

  1. Consume Banana Monkey Bread.
  2. Sleep.

Banana monkey bread on a fork with frosting.

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A picture of Banana Monkey Bread

Banana Monkey Bread

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This dish for banana monkey bread is SO simple simply 3 active ingredients for a fluffy cinnamon-sugar breakfast reward packed with sweet bananas.

Active Ingredients


  1. Cut biscuits into 1-inch cubes.
  2. Slice bananas.
  3. Integrate biscuits and bananas and coat with cinnamon and sugar.
  4. Organize in greased ramekins and bake at 350 for 20 minutes.
  5. Melt white chocolate; spoon over tops.

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I want my home might smell like cinnamon and newly baked bread permanently. I think I’ll simply need to make this for the rest of my life …

What are your preferred smells food or otherwise? And how do you record them in your house? I like Wallflowers, however Coconut-Lime Verbena simply does not do it for me in the winter season!

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