Awesomely Easy Swiss Fondue

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Confessions of a date night fondue addict.

A couple of years back, Bjork used to make me supper for a good date night. Like, let me believe for 3 seconds YES PLEASE, bae.

Please do not believe any less of me today, however you must understand that Bjork does the majority of the other real work around our home. He is simply normally on his A-game with life. All-around. All the time. Among those 5-star individuals that you love and could not live without and simply if they might simply stop making you look so standard for a 2nd, that would be excellent. That being stated, I believe I can depend on one hand the variety of times he has actually made supper in the 7 years that we have actually been wed. It’s the something he does not do.

On this stay-at-home date night, he headed out and purchased the brand name brand-new trendy fondue pot, searched for a cheese fondue dish, and began on his fondue experience all on his own, with me resting on the opposite of the counter, most likely drinking a glass of white wine, seeing with a mindful slash vital slash remember-to-try-not-to-be-overbearing eye.

Things began well.

Think of music, laughter, perhaps a candle light. Cheese was being shredded, bread was being cut, smashed garlic was being rubbed into the sides the fondue pot (this is a magic genius technique for fondue BTW). It was the start of date night achievement.

However someplace in between the transfer of the fondue to the pot, and the real truth of both people having NO concept how to securely warm a fondue pot whatsoever, we wound up with a) boiling warm water sloshing all over the table, and b) a difficult clump of non-dippable cheese in the pot. Still scrumptious, naturally. However strong like a wheel of cheese.

Cheese Fondue with a wisk

So perhaps I should not be attempting to offer you on fondue?

No, never ever. Due to the fact that people, here’s the important things about fondue.

Once you get it, you have actually got it. And it’s ideal for date night due to the fact that it’s an easy, sluggish, romantic method to consume a meal. Sort of like when you make apps and treats and bits from the refrigerator into your whole meal, which we do on the reg. We’re Dating Objectives over here, I understand.

Cheese Fondue with apples and bread

Here’s how I advise approaching a cheese fondue date night:

swiss cheese in plastic packaging

Usage Swiss cheese!

I utilized Sargento Sliced Swiss Natural Cheese, due to the fact that EASY and available anywhere, anytime. And after that look what I did:

cheese in a bowl for cheese fondue

Yes, that is cheese that’s been gone through my food mill. Do not mind if I do.

When it comes time to melt, work gradually, sloooooowly, and carefully … that’s it. Yes. You were stressing for a 2nd (occurs to me each time) however then you struck the minute where all of it simply comes together. No blobs around here.

bread and apples for cheese fondue

Last suggestion: juuuuuust include a bit more white wine. I’m presently feeding myself and the child therein, so I am cooling it in the white wine department, however for those of you who aren’t another splash might never ever be a bad thing.

Date night, vacation celebration, Tuesday pre-TV treat sesh? any of them work, in fact.

Cheese fondue is simply our remarkable BFF like that.

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Cheese Fondue with bread dipped in.

Awesomely Easy Swiss Fondue

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Cheese Fondue all you require is garlic, white wine, cornstarch, and cheese! So flexible and ideal for the vacations.



  1. Blend 1/2 cup of the gewurztraminer with the cornstarch.
  2. Run the cheese through a food mill or slice extremely, extremely carefully to get little, even pieces.
  3. Rub the garlic clove all over the bottom and sides of a heavy-bottomed pot (this prevents garlic portions in your smooth fondue). Dispose of the garlic. Heat the white wine mix over medium low heat, up until thickening and bubbling. Include a tablespoon of white wine if it appears too thick you desire it to look like a smooth gravy.
  4. Include a few of the cheese and gradually blend. It ought to begin to carefully melt after simply a couple of whisks around in the white wine. When it’s practically entirely smooth and integrated, include more cheese and blend carefully. If it appears too tight or elasticy, include 1 tablespoon white wine. Repeat this procedure up until all cheese is melted. Consistency ought to be a smooth, loose sauce that has simply a * bit * little flexible stretch to it. You must have the ability to dip something in it and have the cheese stay with your dipper.
  5. Season with salt and face plant instantly! I imply, serve instantly. As it cools, the cheese will wish to clump together however if you keep it at a good, low, even heat, it ought to remain dippable for ya.


You can likewise utilize Sargento Craftsmen Blends Shredded Swiss Cheese to make this simple fondue even simpler.

Heat is extremely essential too low and it will not melt appropriately, and too expensive and it will clump together into portions. The high heat was my concern generally, so I ‘d advise keeping your heat low, specifically if you have actually a high powered gas variety like we do.

If you ‘d rather not utilize white wine, utilize chicken broth and ensure to utilize some lemon juice also the level of acidity is necessary.

I discovered these links useful when learning more about cheese fondue awesomeness:

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Huge s/o to Sargento for sponsoring this post! We heart genuine cheese.

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